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A Bread Baking Course For ULTIMATE Beginners!

Learn how to bake fluffy buns 100% from scratch! These are the fluffiest, most delicious buns, free of preservatives.

how to bake fluffy milk bread

What You'll Get From This Course:

It took me YEARS to learn how to make the ULTIMATE fluffy milk breads, which meant lots of time and buns in the trash.

With this course, you'll get years of knowledge and experience in less than a couple of hours.

✓ A BAKING KIT delivered to your doorstep!

✓ 40+ in-depth videos showing you how to PERFECT milky buns

My SECRET tips to bake fluffy buns EVERY TIME

Learn how to make buns by hand or with a stand mixer

The biggest mistakes to avoid

Save precious TIME and MONEY

Ingredient substitutes to bake with ANY flavor you want

...and MORE.

Join my course to save yourself from days of frustration. You never have to reach for another bun ever again!

“Give a woman Butterbuns and feed her for a day.

Teach her how to make Butterbuns and feed her family for a lifetime.”

- Michelle Ib.


Master your bread skills, gain confidence in baking, and become a BOSS baker!


Butterbuns Course: Lifetime Access

One-time payment

Get full access to the course FOREVER!

BONUS: Enroll by May 30, 2021 to receive a Butterbuns Baking Kit delivered to your door (U.S. Residents Only).

Master the art of baking fluffy, flavorful Butterbuns 🧈

Before and After:

butterbuns pandesal online baking class
My FIRST Butterbuns Bake

• Dense, tight crumb

• Pale color

• Taste was meh. It was okay.

best pandesal fluffy bread recipe
My Butterbuns TODAY

(Three Years And Hundreds Of Buns Later)

• Incredibly fluffy and light

• Beautifully browned tops

• Slightly crisp exterior

• Perfectly seasoned - not too sweet, not too bland!

Take A Peek Inside:

Course Curriculum

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Hey friend, I'm Jeanelle!

I'm the Founder of Jeanelleats, a foodie YouTube and Instagram channel where we bake and cook Filipino flavors to empower millions around the world to make their own food at home.

Butterbuns is inspired by the staple bread of the Philippines, and I wanted to demystify the world of baking fluffy buns for anyone who takes this course.

I want to give you the power to make your own food from scratch so you know exactly what you're putting in your body, while making the whole process fun and simple!

Here's What Bakers Have To Say!

bread baking course online butterbuns
Maila G.

"I baked Butterbuns for the first time with Jeanelle's course. It's so easy to follow. And the Butterbuns taste amazing!"

Lea F.

"This course makes baking bread so simple. I feel confident in baking Butterbuns, and I can make them anytime I want."

Lance J.

"Jeanelle is great at teaching the world of baking bread. I never thought I'd be able to make bread this good until I finished this Butterbuns course."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've never baked bread before! Will this course really help me bake good bread?

A: YES! I've had students who have NEVER baked anything before in their life, and they baked delicious Butterbuns FOR THE FIRST TIME with me!

Q: I don’t have fancy baking equipment at home. Can I still make Butterbuns with this course?

A: YES. I show you how to make Butterbuns by hand, without the use of special equipment! Butterbuns can be made with the simple utensils you probably already have in your kitchen.

Q: I have a stand mixer at home. Will you show me how to use it to make Butterbuns?

A: Of course! I include instructions on how to make Butterbuns using a stand mixer. Using it will definitely speed up your baking process!

Q: I've already made fluffy buns before. How will this course help me?

A: Are you getting consistent flavor and results with your breads? Are the buns you've made light and fluffy? Does it have the flavor you want?

This course packs EVERYTHING I learned about baking light and fluffy buns. You'll understand why your breads taste and feel a certain way.

Unless you've been baking Butterbuns for years, practiced and experimented with different ingredients, ratios, and flavors - then you will definitely find massive value in this course!

Q: What if I get bored and want to have Butterbuns with different flavors?

A: I LOVE changing up my Butterbuns! You are free to make ANY type of Butterbuns you want!

In this course, I show you how to put flavors, extracts, add-ons, and even fillings in your Butterbuns. It's SO fun!

Q: I’m a horrible baker. I've messed up so many times! How do I know I'll do well in your course?

A: I've taught EXTREME beginners how to make bread, and I've learned the errors that could happen while you're baking. Here's the good news: I've covered them in this course.

As long as you pay attention through this course and apply what I teach you, you'll end up with yummy Butterbuns fresh out of the oven!

Q: I've never had Butterbuns before. What does it taste like?

A: It's a fluffy milk bun that goes well with either sweet or savory dishes. This course will give you Butterbuns that's "just right". It's not too sweet, and not too savory. It's perfect with ANYTHING: from Nutella and PB&J to pulled pork and corned beef sliders!

online bread baking class butterbuns

WHY Butterbuns?

• You won't get these freshly baked Butterbuns sold anywhere else

• Homemade buns are MUCH healthier than store-bought buns (which is usually filled with additives!)

• They make delicious gifts for friends, family, and special events

• Enjoy Butterbuns as a vessel for your spam and egg sliders, pulled pork sandwiches, Nutella, peanut butter and jelly, dipped in hot chocolate (Filipino style) and MORE!

• It's a REWARDING experience to bake fresh Butterbuns anytime you want!

• Customers, friends, and family tell me it's better than any other buns they've ever tasted! 🤭